8 Tips To Take Your Outfit From Work To Drinks

Going out for drinks with your co-workers, or catching up with friends after work is one of the best way to get through your day, and make sure you look hot for both activities. But no one wants to go to work with a change of clothes in a spare bag, so here are 8 easy ways to transform your work wear into a drink-worthy outfit.

Tip One: When shopping, opt for versatile clothing. Build both outfits around quality basics, like a great statement dress. A black slim line pair of pants with a sheen are a classic sophisticated office wear, but with a statement top suddenly you’re ready to go out. Just take off that blazer and you’re ready to go.

Tip Two: Wear great colours on drink days. If Friday is the night you head out for drinks after work, it can also be the day for your brightest colour outfit.

Tip Three: Make the centre of your outfit a dress. Many Cooper st dresses, Ladakh dresses and Sass dresses can be worn to the office, but hold their own in the fashion stakes out for drinks. They’re also much better then pants when it comes to showing off your shoes if you bring a new pair to upgrade the outfit for drinks.

Tip Four: Step up your accessories. Work wear should be simple, so it’s the perfect canvas for showing off some statement accessories. Keep a big necklace into your bag in the morning, and come five thirty you can undo another shirt button and throw it on and head out.

Tip Five: Move your belt from hip to waist. This will give your outfit more shape, and it’s a much more casual look. If you can get away with it at work, a thin brightly coloured belt is a great focal point to build the rest of your post office outfit around.

Tip Six: Wear outfits you can deconstruct. Shirts that you can unbutton, jackets that hang well unbuttoned, and colour sleeves peeking out from rolled up sleeves are easy ways to take the outfit from work to drinks.

Tip Seven: Focus on your top half. Whether you can get a seat or stand around a bar, the part of your outfit everyone will see, and that you should focus on is the torso and shoulders. Take the time to search for tops and dresses that you love and feel confident in. The easiest way to search for great clothes with no free time because you’re working is to buy dresses online with the busy-woman friendly wish list function.

Tip 8: Choose an outfit that can works well with both formal and casual hair. Buying your work wear from fashion outlets is an easy way to get office outfits that work into the night, and all your have to do is re-do you hair. Bundle straightened strands into a messy bun, or spritz some sea spray and scrunch to take a great dress into the night.

Although most city bars and pubs will be used to suited drinkers, there is no reason why some smart shopping and good outfit assembling can’t ensure you look great at the office and when you’re out with friends after work.

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